About the course

Football Recruiting Pro is your all-in-one stop to help your family with the recruiting process, We wanted this program to be accessible to every family in the country and get them the information they need to help their son get to the highest level of football for him. We have done all the research, experienced the recruiting process from every angle, and put a team around us to answer every question you can think of, and more. 

All in one


Learn what it takes to take your game to the next level.


Find out what coaches are looking for in an athlete.


Nutrition, lifting, and leadership info.


Learn how the recruiting process works and how to get recruited.


Find out how to sports to get ahead in life.


Find out what coaches are
looking for in an athlete.


Learn how the recruiting process
works and how to get recruited.


Find out how to use sports
to get ahead in life.

Why choose us


We are a team of experts that love the recruiting process we have been helping colleges for over 10 years with the recruiting process through WARROOM now we want to help athletes and parents so that they know what college will best fit their athlete. We got sick of other companies overcharging for basic information and putting themselves between the coaches and athletes. We give you the power to put recruiting in your hands! 


what people are saying

“This course is the perfect companion to our recruiting journey. It provides not only a step by step guide, but also the means to evaluating your skill set against all levels of college football. Working with this program will allow you to allocate your recruiting resources in the places that give you the best short at playing at the next level. “

Jen Powers Johnson

Mother of a D1 Football Player

“Recruiting Pro completely changed the way we approached our son’s recruiting plan. As parents we knew little about the college football recruiting process and the things our son should be focused on right now in order to reach his long term athletic goals. As a result, we were not as effective as we could have been with his training and our approach as parents.

Through Moose Bingham and Recruiting Pro, we were able to establish a 5-year plan. This 5-year plan allowed our son to take his ultimate and very daunting goal and break it down into reasonable, very achievable yearly goals. These smaller, achievable goals helped him realized progress very quickly and very early on in his 5-year plan. This progress evolved into momentum which led to opportunities and ultimately his D1 commitment much earlier than expected.

We are very grateful to Moose Bingham and Recruiting Pro for helping us successfully navigate our son’s recruiting journey!”

Rob Walker

Father of William Walker (BYU)

“If it wasn’t for Moose for pointing me in the direction of Recruiting Pro, it would have been a lot more challenging for me to get recruited. Recruiting Pro is such a helpful program to use to get to the next Level. If you are serious about playing at the next level, I suggest getting Recruiting Pro. It won’t disappoint you.”

Jose Pisa

Missouri State

“Recruiting Pro is the best! I wish I would’ve heard about it sooner. It has all the tools and information to get you to the next level. The rest is up to you!”

Brody Taylor

Snow College